Sports massage

Guildford Sports Massage Therapists

Our sports massage therapists are ideally placed to help with your pain whether it’s a new sporting injury, a recurring injury or just the aches and pains we typically associate with aging or “wear and tear”.

We offer a choice of two clinics in Guildford and have 9 experienced therapists who bring many years of experience in sports massage, osteopathy and acupuncture. Our therapists are all degree-level qualified and will consider your current pain, any other issues and your lifestyle in order to create the right treatment plan for you.

Who is sports massage for?

Sports massage can benefit a wide range of different people: from professionals and marathon runners to someone new to exercise wanting to prepare their bodies for the next steps. Even those people who have no desire to get involved in sports of any kind can benefit from the relief of tension, aches and pains on a regular basis.

Are you aiming to run your first 10k or your 5th marathon? Our experienced sports therapists will treat each individual and their specific needs differently to ensure that the treatment they provide is the right treatment for your needs.

Perhaps you’re suffering from a torn calf caused playing tennis and can’t wait to get back on the court. Or “policeman’s heel” (plantar fascitis) from exercising on hard surfaces. Whatever your requirement, feel free to give us a call or book in for an initial appointment to see what the best course of action is. 

Benefits of sports massages

Many benefits of sports massage have been observed including:

  • Increased range of motion for joints
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Less muscle tension
  • Nerves more relaxed
  • Fewer muscle spasms
  • Improved sleep

What our patients say...

Gemma is brilliant! Very knowledgeable, advises on strengthening exercises and really feel much better after my appointment. See her regularly for a historic neck/shoulder problem and would definitely recommend her.


Having just started to try and get fit - this resulted in some injuries to calves, to hip-flexes, and not insignificant discomfort. Gemma was excellent in identifying the issues, and treating the problems. A friendly, personal touch combined with excellent treatment.


Sports massage prices

Prices start from £50 for a 30 minute session. 

If you are looking to book a course of treatment sessions, please get in touch about our direct debit plans which can save you money on the standard prices.

Session lengthPrice
30 minutes£50
45 minutes£60
60 minutes£80